Satisfy your wanderlust with these six waterfalls of Ohio

There is just something about a waterfall. Maybe it was growing up in the era when TLC’s “Waterfalls” was a #1 hit. Ha! Maybe it is the soothing sound of falling water that evokes relaxation and peace. Whatever it is, visitors to Ohio have the joy of finding multiple waterfalls throughout the state. Here are six waterfalls of Ohio that we’ve visited and recommend.

Cedar Falls within Hocking Hills, Ohio

Cedar Falls is one of the most breathtaking places within Hocking Hills State Park. With nearly a 50-foot drop, it’s also one of the larger waterfalls in the state.

Cedar Falls is reached via a large, stone staircase. If traveling with small children, make sure you use a carrier or have a good hold on little hands.

While this looks like the perfect swimming hole, swimming is not permitted. Instead, you may see turtles enjoying an afternoon dip.

Cedar Falls in the Hocking Hills is one of the most idyllic waterfalls of Ohio

Cedar Falls is definitely one of the more idyllic waterfalls of Ohio. However, Hocking Hills can be crowded during the summer. For the most pleasant visit, visit on a weekday or during the spring or late fall.

For more information on Cedar Falls and hikes within Hocking Hills: check out my post on the best hikes for families within Hocking Hills.

Honey Run Falls

Located near Howard, Ohio, Honey Run falls, and its adjacent hiking trail offers a nice stopover for those traveling between Columbus and Ohio’s Amish Country.

During the summer months, you’ll find families playing in the water and on the rocks.

Parking is limited. The trail can get very muddy, so bring appropriate footwear. The path to the falls can be uneven and rocky.

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Honey Run falls is a family-friendly waterfall located in Knox County, Ohio.

Hayden Run Falls

Just minutes from the Dublin, Ohio, and the Tuttle shopping area, Hayden Run Falls is a quiet oasis among the busy life of the city.

Parking is limited and there are no facilities. Even without these offerings, Hayden Run Falls offers a nice lunch-break escape or reflective spot while visiting the ever-growing Columbus!

The falls are accessed by a large boardwalk. Visitors must descend numerous steps into the ravine (and yes, those steps are the same way you return to your car). While this isn’t the easiest place to bring kids, the boardwalk does help keep them from getting close to the water.

Best of all, visiting the waterfall is free! Click here for more ideas of free things to do in Columbus with kids.

Hayden Run Falls, on the northwest side of Columbus, Ohio, offers a daytime retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.  It's one of my favorite waterfalls of Ohio.

Gorge Metro Park waterfall

Using some creative license, because while this is a waterfall, it’s a manmade waterfall! The dam within Gorge Metro Park creates this overflow. I found the surrounding environment to be very enjoyable (especially in the fall).

I recommend taking the Glens Trail pass the Mary Campbell Cave and then turning towards the dam before the trail becomes primitive.

You can find more info on visiting Gorge Metro Park within Summit Metro Parks.

Brandywine Falls

Cuyahoga Valley National Park is home to the beautiful Brandywine Falls. Possibly one of the most photographed waterfalls of Ohio, Brandywine Falls is one you won’t want to miss!

Like Hayden Run Falls, 60-foot Brandywine Falls is reached via a boardwalk with many stairs, so it isn’t stroller or wheelchair friendly. The parking lot is large but gets very full on weekends from May-October. Visiting early in the morning or late in the afternoon is probably best.

Hemlock Falls

Located just outside of Mohican State Park is Hemlock Falls. This waterfall is on private property but is open to visitors. Read my post on how to get access to Hemlock Falls.

Hemlock Falls is special because it isn’t over-touristed and retains some unknown charm.

The hike to get to Hemlock Falls isn’t very easy and cell-phone service is rare. Make sure you’re prepared.

Hemlock Falls near Mohican State Park is one of my favorite waterfalls of Ohio.

Have you visited any of these waterfalls in Ohio? Which one is your favorite?


Ohio is full of natural beauty!  Cure your wanderlust with these 6 waterfalls of Ohio.  #ohiofindithere #Ohiotravel
Waterfalls of Ohio - 6 gorgeous falls to satisfy your wanderlust.  Tips for visiting these waterfalls found throughout the state of Ohio.

Waterfalls of Ohio - 6 gorgeous falls to satisfy your wanderlust.  Tips for visiting these waterfalls found throughout the state of Ohio.  #ohiofindithere #roadtrip
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