Finding Hemlock Falls – A hidden waterfall of Ohio

Hemlock Falls is a beautiful waterfall near Butler, Ohio.  Even though it’s difficult to locate, the hike to this nearly 100-foot waterfall is worth the trip!

While Hemlock Falls is located NEAR Mohican State Park, it is owned by the Richland Park District and access is managed by Mohican Outdoor School. Eventually, the Falls will be on the new B & O Trail as the land was recently purchased by the Mohican Watershed Conservancy.

How do you access Hemlock Falls?

You must call and get permission.

The Mohican Outdoor School hosts school field trips, so visitors may not always be welcome. If you’re coming from out of town, you can call and set up a time in advance.

The hidden waterfall is located across Bunkerhill Road from the School.  Follow signage for the “Hemlock Falls Field Trip” to find the parking area.  On our first visit, the owners of the Mohican School asked us to check-in at the school first.  The second time we visited, this was not the case. 

Hemlock Falls waterfall Ohio - Northest Ohio waterfall
Staring at the large stone outcroppings on the hike to Hemlock Falls, a hidden waterfall of Ohio.

After you park near the Field Trip Center (across the road from the school), you will need to follow signs that are located on tall poles or trees. 

There are currently no blazes, but they do have plastic ties adorning the trees.

We followed the blue ties on the way to the waterfall and the white ties (i.e. the main trail), on the loop back.  The make-shift blazes aren’t the best markings and cell-phone service is spotty.  If you’re nervous, you may want to bring a compass, although eventually the main trail puts you out by Bunkerhill Road and from there it’s pretty easy to determine where you are parked.

Hiking at Hemlock Falls in NE Ohio.  This waterfall is a great place for families to visit.
Notice the blue plastic tie serving as a trail marker.
The first waterfall that you will come upon is actually NOT Hemlock Falls, but still a hiker’s delight.

Once you arrive at the bridge to view Hemlock Falls, there are signs saying the trail is closed.  I suspect that this is referencing an old trail and now they’ve created a new trail, which is why they just use the plastic markers, not actual blazes.

Hemlock Falls near Mohican State Park - has been drawing visitors for over one hundred years.
Thanks to the brush, it’s hard to get a great photo without leaving the trail.

The Hemlock Falls trail is slippery when muddy, so wear your best hiking shoe (see my favorite HERE) or rain boot!  I wouldn’t bring children that are younger than 3 unless you have them in a hiking carrier. It’s very hilly. I carried our youngest in our Lillebaby and it worked out well. 

The # to call for Mohican School of Outdoors: 419-938-6671

Hemlock Falls is located approximately 25 minutes south of Mansfield, OH or 30 minutes north of Mount Vernon, OH.

Have you been to Hemlock Falls? It’s a gem for Northeast Ohio.  Let me know if you go!

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Hemlock Falls State Park is a hidden waterfall close to Mohican State Park. This Northeast Ohio waterfall is accessed by permission only.
Hemlock Falls State Park is a hidden waterfall close to Mohican State Park. This Northeast Ohio waterfall is accessed by permission only. #hikingOhio #Ohiotravel

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