Ohio shipping container - near Amish Country

Stay in a shipping container near Amish Country

Romantic getaway in a shipping container near Dover

I am a total sucker for unique places to stay! From a tiny house to a caboose, a train hotel, and even a houseboat, I make it a point to try to stay in as many cool places as possible. So when Mr. Yoder and I had an upcoming anniversary, and a grandma willing to take the kids, we chose to spend a night at a shipping container near Amish Country, Ohio.

The Riverside Hideout is a shipping container tiny home fit for couples and located just outside of Dover, Ohio. Some of the highlights of the home are the relaxing 2-person hot tub, kitchenette with coffee station, and spacious bathroom (by tiny home standards).

Bedroom of the Riverside Hideout. Shipping Container in Amish Country, Ohio
The bedroom is small, but offers a slider door.

Ohio shipping container located in a convenient location

The location of the Riverside Hideout is hard to beat! The Riverside Hideout is perched along the beautiful Ohio & Erie Canalway in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. The shipping container is a easy jumping-off point for daytrips along the Byway, to historic Zoar, Atwood Lake, Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, or Amish Country including Millersburg. Since we were visiting on a couples retreat without our kids, we spent some time at Amish Country wineries. (For more info, check out my other website, Amish Country Traveler).

My only negative with the location was the steep, gravel driveway. In the words of Mr. Yoder, “You kind of have to floor it.” I wouldn’t bring any vehicle with low clearance. I don’t think the owners give a refund for your inability to make it up the driveway, so if you are visiting in winter, be sure to bring a 4-wheel drive.

We spent most of the evening drinking Amish Country wine in the hot tub ;), but if you want to binge-watch some TV, make sure you know that the owners charge for Wifi and there is no TV. We were able to stream shows on my husband’s Verizon tablet, but be prepared to bring your own screen or a good book.

The fridge is plenty large enough to store leftovers, and I appreciate the range of glassware and coffee pods for breakfast. The kitchen is just so whimsical and cute, I love the bike theme found in subtle decorative touches. If you want to see more of a tour, check out my Instagram Reel.

Riverside Hideout - book on VRBO.  Shipping container Amish Country, Ohio.

The shipping container is dog-friendly, so you can bring your mutt on your getaway! I’ll be honest, I could smell a bit of dog in the shipping container, so if you’re sensitive to smells like me, just know that! However, the shipping container felt clean and I didn’t see any traces of hair!

Have you slept in a shipping container before – or another unique accommodation? I’d love to hear!


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Stay in a shipping container near Amish Country, Ohio and located along the Ohio & Erie Canalway Byway.  Check out my review of this place that should be on your Ohio Bucket List.
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