American Aviator Credit Card

Get a FREE flight to London or Hawaii with one card!

Hurry! This amazing sign-up offer ends soon!

*This is not financial advice. Credit cards come with some risk. However, this offer has worked for my husband and I.

Guys! Do not walk, but run, to this credit card sign-up! My husband and I both took advantage of this offer, and I just realized that it’s ending in two days (Feb. 29, 2024).

The American Airlines Aviator card is offering a 60k mile sign-up bonus with just one purchase. What’s even more exceptional is that there is NO annual fee.

In other words, you can sign up for this card, buy a pack of gum, pay your statement, and receive 60,000 American miles!

Why is this such a great offer? 60k American miles is enough to fly to London! Or Honolulu! In both cases, you’ll just pay the taxes. If you and your spouse could both apply for the card, you just upgraded your anniversary plans. 😉

Check out these tickets I found available in May:

AA credit card sign-up
$11.20 for a flight to Hawaii? Who would take that?
London has high airport taxes, but still, $200 for a flight to London! YES!

Keep in mind, that it will probably take a week to receive the card and a few more weeks for the miles to post. For the points game to work, it’s best if your dates are flexible and you’re looking ahead 3-6 months or more.

Reasons to ignore this offer:

  • You’re close to 5/24 – meaning you’ve already applied for 4 or more cards in the past 24 months. If you’re hoping to apply for more Chase-branded cards, applying for this card may ruin your ability to approved with Chase.
  • You are going to apply for a mortgage or second mortgage soon.
  • You like staying home and avoiding people. Ha!

Tips for applying

  • If you already have an American Airlines Advantage Number, make sure you have it ready to enter when applying.
  • If you aren’t an AA Advantage Member, a new number will automatically be assigned to you at the application.
  • Screenshot the application before you apply. There is another offer floating around that does have an annual fee. You want to make sure you can prove that you signed up under the no-annual fee offer. (I’ve never had an issue, but I’m a Nervous Nellie, so fair warning).
  • When you set up your Barclays Account, immediately add your bank account and set up auto pay. This will help you avoid forgetting about this new card.

Comment below if you have any additional questions!

Apply now.

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