Cleveland Rocks: 10 things I want to do in Cleveland

Inspiration from the book 100 Things to do in Cleveland Before You Die

It’s no secret that Cleveland has gone through a 21st-century renaissance!? Visiting Municipal Stadium as a kid, it seemed like mom and dad ducked in and out of the city faster than the Indians’ umpire yelled, “Strike three!” at the bottom of the 9th.

Now, Cleveland beckons visitors through a world-class art museum, diverse restaurants, and a thriving theatre scene.? Cleveland and her surrounds offer plenty of things to do!

I spent my first 10 years post-college in Central Ohio, so I’m excited to be back in Northeast Ohio and spend more time in the city of Rock ‘N’ Roll.? Cleveland has plenty of things to entertain locals AND visitors.? ?100 Things to do in Cleveland Before You Die only encouraged me to get out and explore more!? I love all of the unique offerings and insight that authors Tonya Prater and Deb Thompson have poured into this book.

Here’s a list of 10 things I want to do in Cleveland- things I never even knew about until reading this book!? I hope it inspires you to plan a trip!

Burton Cabin

Just outside of Cleveland in Geauga County, and modeled after Abe Lincoln’s Cabin of Birth, you can visit the Burton cabin to watch a maple syrup boil.? Considering maple syrup is one of our family’s favorite food groups, this is being added to my Ohio Bucket List.

The Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art

We’ve been to the Cleveland Museum of Art a couple of times and I didn’t even KNOW there was a Contemporary Art Museum.? ?This appears to be a very family-friendly museum.? Even better for budgeting families, the first Saturday of the month and each Friday after 5 pm, museum admission is free!

National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame

The city of Rock N Roll has a Polka Museum?? This is one thing I have to do – all while singing, “Roll out the barrel…”

North Coast Harbor Ice Festival

It appears that Elsa has nothing on this festival!? The event takes place in 2019 on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, between the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center.? I’d love to see the ice cutting demonstrations and ice slide!

Ride the Ferris Wheel at the IX Center

I’d heard of the IX Center’s indoor amusement park but had no idea that they offered an indoor Ferris Wheel which protrudes?35-feet above the roof into a glass atrium.? A trip up to this attraction seems like just the cure for a long Ohio winter.


Did you know that Cleveland has three throwback arcades for adults?!? I can’t think of a more competitive date night (leading to marital strife), than a night at one of them! Just another thing to do in Cleveland that I wouldn’t have thought about.

NASA Glenn Research Center

You may have seen the signs for the Research Center while driving north on I-71, but did you know that they only open up their doors to visitors once a month?? Register online via the link above.? Tours are available May- October.

Shafran Observatory and Mueller Planetarium

Cleveland Museum of Natural History is home to the Shafran Observatory and Mueller Planetarium.? We’ve been eyeing this museum for some time, but I had no clue they offered a planetarium show.? My kids are crazy about space after visiting the Armstrong Air & Space Museum.? I can’t wait to see their minds blown! 😉

Stearns Homestead

This 85- acre farm in the city of Parma offers a chance to tour a 1800s barn and restored early 1900s farmhouse, and feed a few farm animals.? Such a far cry from city life! This sounds like a great homeschooler field trip.

Ohio’s Oldest General Store

Located east of Cleveland, in Mesopotamia, resides Ohio’s first general store!? Our children would be pumped about purchasing penny candy and bottled sodas, while I look forward to eating at their circa 1940s lunch counter.

Have you been to any of these attractions?? Which ones will you add to your must-visit list?

Now that I’ve shown you what I found in 100 Things to do in Cleveland Before You Die, make sure you pick up your own copy!

**I was provided a copy of 100 things to do in Cleveland before you die by Reedy Press.? All opinions are my own.**


10 things to do in Cleveland - inspiration from the book 100 things to do in Cleveland before you die! #thisisCLE
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