Worden’s Ledges – unique Ohio hiking

Worden’s Ledges are the perfect destination for those interested in art, outdoor adventures, and history. Worden’s Ledges are located within Hinckley Reservation, which is part of the Cleveland Metroparks! Hinckley Reservation is also home to one of our other favorite Ohio hikes – Whipp’s Ledges! We recently visited this beautiful area of Northeast Ohio and I’m happy to share with you some of the history plus a video by my son.

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The history of Worden’s Ledges

Worden’s Ledges was once the property of Hiram Worden, who settled in Hinckley and owned the Medina Monument Company. After the death of Hiram, his eldest daughter Nettie took over the property. A bit of a local scandal ensued as Nettie Worden, age 80, married Nobel Stuart, age 63. (Cough cough – cougar!! Also, This is where I digress and say that someone needs to have twins and name them Nobel and Nettie, and no, that person is not me).

Back to the story – Nobel was an aspiring sculptor. His subjects were whatever interested him – from mythology to Christian religious symbols and family names. Nobel Stuart made these carvings on the family homestead between 1944-1948. While time has weathered them, these stone figures are worth the drive and the short hike.

Worden's Ledges in Hinckley Reservation.  Unique Ohio hike that is part of the Cleveland Metroparks.
This sculpture of Jesus is next to the parking lot, before the trail head.

The Ledges Loop Trail

The parking area for the Worden’s Ledges Trail is located off of Ledge Road. There is a porta potty and a couple of picnic tables next to the parking lot, but no other amenities. The trailhead is easy to find, just north of the parking lot. We visited in the spring and this area was VERY muddy! Bring the right shoes (and have good car mats — we love husky liners)!

The Worden’s Loop Trail is a loop that is .7 miles long. The hike is easy for kids, but there are a few sandstone cliffs, so make sure the kids aren’t unattended when you first descend into the ledges. The beautiful rock formations are similar to Whipp’s Ledges, but not as large. Keep an eye out for the unique carvings, some are more prominent than others.

For horse owners, Worden’s Ledges also has an adjacent bridle trail. However, the bridle trail does not go past the carvings. If you wanted to make your hike a bit longer, walking the bridle trail would be a nice addition. Follow the Worden’s Ledges Trail map.

Worden's Ledges- Ohio hike
Worden's Ledges - Nettie carving
Nobel Stuart presumably carved this for his wife Nettie.
Worden's Ledges - Unique Ohio hike

We really enjoyed our time at Worden’s Ledges and I’d love to go back with the kids on another day when we are in the area. The snow was just melting when we were there, so there were no leaves on the trees- I think it would look different when the forest is full of foliage.

Have you been hiking in Northeast Ohio? What is your favorite trail?

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Wordens Ledges - Unique Ohio Hike
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