A walking tour of Pittsburgh – with kids

{Bus and Subway is optional}

Andrew Carnegie said, “Pittsburgh entered the core of my heart when I was a boy and cannot be torn out.”

It only took a foot tour of Pittsburgh with kids in tow?to fall in love with the architecture, the cityscape, and the river views. ?A city that has survived the rise and fall of steel is one that charmed our young family on our weekend stay. My hope is that I can give you a taste of this modern city, one that surprised me.

Here’s your starting map:

The Allegheny County Courthouse was a great place for us to begin because it was a brief walk from our room at the Doubletree by Hilton. ?Designed by H.H. Richardson, one of the most prominent American architects of the late 19th century, the courthouse reminded me of a building you’d see in London or Oxford, not in a midwestern city. ?Tours are provided of the interior during weekdays, but we arrive until Friday evening.

A walking tour of Pittsburgh with kids - things to see in Pittsburgh - family-friendly sights of the Steel City.

Take a glance northeast and you can’t help but see?the US Steel Building. ?The 64-story tower is Pittsburgh‘s tallest building- and the COR-TEN steel used on the exterior causes the rusty color.

Tour of Pittsburgh with kids - You'll understand a bit of Pittsburgh's steel city history while viewing the steel building.

Next up is the City-County Building. ?Here you’ll find a statue of Richard Caliguiri, who was Pittsburgh’s mayor from 1977 until his death in 1988. ?They decided to put his statue on the steps of this building because he was often seen here talking to people. ?The entry way to this building really is breathtaking. ?Don’t forget to look up!

A walking tour of Pittsburgh with kids

If you position yourself to walk down Forbes Ave to the west, you’ll eventually run into Market Square. ?This area was just renovated in 2011 and contains one of Pittsburgh’s most noteworthy dining locales, Primanti Brothers.

Primanti Brothers

Primanti Brothers have been in business since the 1930s and now has 17 locations all over the city of Pittsburgh. ?They are famous for appearing on Man v. Food because of?the way they stack their coleslaw and french fries ON the sandwich. ?I’ll be honest, my husband and I weren’t impressed with the Pittsburgher (their #2 bestseller- after beer), but I’ve heard good things about the sandwiches made from cold cut meats. ?So, maybe we should give it another go? ?I see there are now 3 Ohio locations (no way!)

A walking tour of Pittsburgh with kids - can you visit Pittsburgh without trying Primanti Brothers? Probably not.

When you’re on this corner by Primantis you follow a alleyway that opens to the PPG place. ?PPG Place is a 6 city block complex and obelisk. ?The PPG buildings have over 231 glass spires all covered in mirror glass. ?The spires are to represent the way three rivers come together at Pittsburgh. ?In the winter, this area houses an outdoor skating rink, and in the summer it’s the perfect place for children to cool off in the fountains. ?Our boys loved the rhythm of the fountains, it was definitely a highlight!

Tour of Pittsburgh with kids - PPG fountains

From here I’d recommend heading towards the Gateway Metro Stop- but instead getting on a bus and taking it to W Carson/Duquesne Incline. ?Buses in the city cost $2.50 per adult and we’re free for our kids. ?$5 to save your legs (and let your Primanti Bros settle)!

The Dusquene Incline

The Duquesne Incline is a must-do for families visiting Pittsburgh. ?There are actually two inclines, the Monongahela?and the Duquesne, but I’d researched that the Duquesne offers the better views. Oh, it did not disappoint.? The trip up was a little hairy. ?I may or may not have told my husband to stop pointing out how old the incline was or how rotten the boards were (aaahh), but the view was so so worth it. ?Also, total cost- $12.50. ?(Adults were $5 each, our 6 yr old was $2.50 roundtrip). ?You won’t find anything else this cheap in Pittsburgh.

Walking tour of Pittsburgh with kids- Dusquene Incline - A gorgeous view over the city of Pittsburgh Tour of Pittsburgh with kids- Duquesne Incline

Now it’s time to burn off your Primantis so when exiting the Incline, cross the road and walk towards the Fort Pitt Bridge back into the city. ?Pittsburgh is truly a city of bridges and crosses one of these giants makes you appreciate the city a little more (and maybe understand all the traffic drama we had getting into the city?).

After crossing the bridge, take the ramp down into Point State Park. ?This area is designated as a National Historic Landmark. ?The land was considered a strategic location in the Ohio Valley. ?The French built a fort here. ?The English built a fort here. ?The Native Americans were here first (obviously).

Point State Park

The park was renovated in 2006 and now contains an outline of Fort Duquesne and Fort Pitt into the grassy area. ?Our boys loved the fountain, especially when the wind would pick up and we’d all get a good soaking! ?It really is a pretty area. ?If we weren’t running after 3 little ones, I think Mr. Yoder Toter and I would lay around on a blanket and… read a book (;)).

Tour of Pittsburgh with kids- Point State Park

Tour of Pittsburgh with kids- Point State Park


After you enjoy the park (and maybe take a nap), work your way back to the Gateway Metro Stop. ?From here you can take a free subway ride to the North Shore. ?It will save you more walking– and it’s FREE. ?We used the T to get from our Steel Plaza?stop to the North Shore. On a Sunday morning, it was nearly vacant, so much so that at first we worried it was closed!

Tribute to Children sculpture

Geek alert- Forget Heinz Field and PNC Park, I wanted to see Mr. Rogers. ?The 2009 Sculpture and Arch is called “Tribute to Children” and now takes the place of where a bridge was removed. ?Mr. Fred Rogers was from nearby LaTrobe, PA. There’s even a speaker in the arch playing music and stories from Mr. Rogers. ?I wish I could put a heart eye emoji, I definitely got verklempt when it started playing, “It’s you I like.

Tour of Pittsburgh with kids- Mr Rogers Statue

I can’t think of a better way to end your evening in Pittsburgh than walking by PNC Park when there is an evening home game. ?I’m a sucker for the sounds and smells of the ballpark, anyhow, and this is one of the best. ?Even better if you pay for admission and can watch the sights of the city as the sun fades.

Tour of Pittsburgh with kids

Tour of Pittsburgh with kids- PNG park

If you get back to the Wood Street Metro stop you could either continue walking to your hotel or take the subway to the nearest location.


If you go:


We enjoyed our stay at the Doubletree by Hilton. ?The room was huge and the beds were comfortable for the cost. ?If your budget allows, I’d stay somewhere closer to Market Square that includes breakfast, like the Embassy Suites or Hilton Garden Inn.


We had a yummy pizza dinner at Milano’s on 6th Street. ?The place was casual and affordable, perfect for kids. ?Try the garlic knots!

With the kids

This was another trip that proved to us that the best $100 we ever spent was this lightweight, affordable, double umbrella stroller. ?It says it’s only rated for 40 lbs per seat but we can easily push our 46 lb, 6-yr-old (plus another kiddo) and the thing is still in one piece! ?It also made it to Australia and back in the underside of the plane!


Much of the information on Pittsburgh’s architecture and art came from a FREE downloadable guide provided by the Pittsburgh Art Council. ?You can find that guide HERE.

Have you ever been to Pittsburgh? ?Maybe you have an emotional soft spot for Mr. Rogers? ?What’s your opinion on Primanti Bros?

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A walking tour of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with kids. Follow my maps and guide for the best stops for the entire family.

Pittsburgh walking tour with kids. Follow my guides for the best day out in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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3 thoughts on “A walking tour of Pittsburgh – with kids”

  1. Primanti’s takes some getting used to. 🙂 I’ve had the Pittsburgher and I’ve had the ones with the deli meat. Most of the fries usually fall off mine, but I’m OK with that! We usually go to the one in Cranberry.
    I love the incline, and PNC Park is fantastic. If you like baseball, it’s worth looking for “kids’ night” or “family night” promotions. Not only is the park gorgeous, with great views of Pittsburgh, but the Pirates can be decent. Sometimes. 😉 (NOT RIGHT NOW, but that’s another story. :-P)
    If you’re there in the summer I *totally* recommend going to Kennywood in West Mifflin. It’s a traditional amusement park that has some of the best coasters in the country. Potato Patch fries! Yay!
    The Gateway Clipper Fleet cruises are also a lot of fun.

    1. Yeah, in some ways I wish we wouldn’t have been there Labor Day weekend because we would have been able to enjoy some promotions. The weather was absolutely fantastic though and I can’t wish that away.
      We’ll have to save Kennywood for another trip!

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