Screen-Free Play Time Poster

Many times, this month?of the year our TV turns into a holy grail. ?Today at 9 am, Bubba asked me, “Is it getting dark?” ?Um, no, it’s morning.

Parents everywhere rely on the screen to get ANYTHING done. ?Kids don’t fight over Paw Patrol, people. ?They fight over toys and Play-doh and snacks. ?When it’s difficult to play outside and the neighbors are all in school, we need back up. ?Cue the screen-free play poster!

Last year I made this “screen-free play” list to help me navigate winter in Ohio. ?I just made it a little prettier and thought I would share!

What’s your go-to indoor activity when?cabin fever has set in?

P.S. ?The box of rocks is literally that. ?Pinterest is your friend– and it’s a total cost of $3 at the Dollar Tree.

Screen-Free Play

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4 thoughts on “Screen-Free Play Time Poster”

  1. We love card games and board games…and bonus, some card games also reiterate math skills! Cut and paste activities (free downloads on teachers pay teachers) are also a favorite here, and again, help towards some school stuff (sequencing, separating etc). Music and dancing to burn off the energy, “playing” the piano or whatever other musical instruments are lying around. We like to get the easel out and let each kid have a side to draw and color on, or play pictionary! Great ideas here….love the idea of the list!!


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