Packing a First Aid Kit for International Travel

What to include in your travel medicine bag

It seems like every trip we’ve taken with our kids, someone ended up sick and I was grossly unprepared. Even when we went to LEGOLAND, Mr. Yoder was heading out bright and early to CVS to grab cough syrup and cough drops. Thankfully, when in the USA, we know what medicines to grab and where to find them.

However, when embarking on international travel, it’s a little more concerning as to where we would go and what pills we’d buy in case of emergency? That’s why it was so important for me to pack a first aid kit for our trip to Ireland. Having this bag of medicine and bandages gave me peace of mind.

(For more peace of mind: consider travel insurance)

Contents of our international travel first aid kit

First Aid Kit for international travel. Travel Medicine Bag. 24/7 bag by Thirty-One Gifts

Bag – We used the 24/7 Case from Thirty-One. This bag is perfect for cosmetics or supplies, but I found it large enough to hold all of our first aid needs and still fit some of our travel toiletries.

International Travel First Aid Kit - Travel Medicine Bag - How to pack first aid items for travel.

Antibiotic Ointment (similar) – perfect for treating cuts and scrapes and keeping them from getting infected.

Cortisone Cream (similar) – helps fight itchiness from bug bites

Excedrin Migraine – headache medicine for tough headaches

Advil – Adult pain relief/anti-inflammatory

Kleenex travel pack – Dry air on planes can lead to irritated sinuses? Pack a few of these!

Ace bandage – Either someone steps off a curb and tweaks an ankle, or jumps off a bunk bed ladder (like my son). These are handy to have around.

Essential Oils- I keep lavender (similar) on hand for relaxing everyone on an overnight flight or for sunburn/wound care. Peppermint oil is helpful for settling upset stomachs from car/plane sickness.

Coconut Oil (similar) – When using essential oils on children, you need a carrier oil. I love these travel packs.

Antacid tablets (similar)Р Heartburn from too much rich food?? Yeah.

Children’s Ibuprofen (similar) – For managing children’s pain.

Bandages (here & here) – Bandages in different sizes


Antibacterial Wipes (similar) – I love to wipe down the trays on the planes before my kids eat from them!

Contact solution

Children’s Benadryl Gel (similar) – This is my go-to for bug bites that get a little too itchy to manage.

Tweezers (similar) – Because we’ve had a splinter crisis while hiking. You never know.

You can tweak this list to the destination that you chose. I think the important part, especially when traveling with a family, is that you are prepared for minor health issues. Having a few items on hand will allow you to save time and money (and translation issues) when health issues arise.

What’s in your travel first aid kit?

**I was given a personalized 24/7 case by Thirty-One Gifts. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. **

**Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be one. These are only items that our family has found helpful to take on an international trip. Prescription medication is not included, but please don’t forget to take yours. Check with your Dr. before traveling.**

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First aid kit for travel - what to pack for an international trip. Family travel tips.
First Aid Kit for International Travel - What to pack in your travel medicine bag. The 24/7 bag from Thirty-One acts as a perfect first aid kit.
International Travel First Aid Kit - what to pack in a travel medicine bag- Ideas for a family first aid kit- specifically for flying overseas.
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  2. For ease and safety, pack your liquids in a clear zip-lock type bag as well for your band-aids to keep them clean. Also, the bags can be used as an ice pack if needed.
    Also, pack a list of the medications and the expiration dates for ease of knowing when you need to replace or update them.

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