Fighting entitlement in children (and all of us)

A book review

I’ve been following Kristen Welch for a long time. ?Her oftentimes raw prose about parenting, marriage and raising kids is always something I’m eager to read. ?So when I was accepted to be on her Launch Team for Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World, I did a little happy dance for the opportunity to read the book (for free) before every once. ?Of course these opinions are my own.

I will admit it’s empowering for me to hear a mom that is 10 years ahead of me (in parenting years- her oldest is 16) say, “It’s okay for our kids not to be rewarded all the time.” ?In a world where kids get a goody bag at the party or a trophy at the game JUST FOR SHOWING UP, we’re swimming upstream when we show our kids a life that looks any differently. ?I’ve been pressured into feeling like my kids are due something, when they really aren’t.

Kristen also thoughtfully reminds parents that kids will cling more to what they catch than what we teach them. ?Our parenting will look different when we choose to raise un-entitled children. ?Kristen points out, “This involves not just fitting Jesus into our lives, but fitting our lives into Jesus.” ?I had to say that phrase a few times over and ask myself whether I’m all in for Jesus or I’m just expecting him to be all in to my plans. ?I can’t preach “take up your cross” if I’m expecting my kids to learn from my sometimes whiny demands for take-out or new clothes.

Kristen shares many stories from her own family’s quest to live differently. ?She gives real-life examples of how to help kids gain perspective on our wealth and abundance in the First World. ?In the chapter named Gratitude, Kristen shares how each family member put a rubberband on their wrist and snapped it when they made a complaining comment. ?(Yikes! ?I think my wrist would be raw.) ?She shares how it was a wake-up not only to her children, but herself as well.

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Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World would be a great book to read for the new year. ?I’ve definitely implemented some of Kristen’s parenting strategies and taken note of my own behaviors that scream “entitled.” ?If you have older children, ?you’ll ?appreciate the time spent discussing social media and the Welch?family’s social media contract! ?I better tuck that away for the near future. 🙂


How do you fight entitlement in your family?


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Kristen’s blog : We are THAT family

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    1. It’s such a struggle for me. I hate when I see entitlement in my kids that I know trickles down from me! Thanks for commenting.

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