Fall Bucket List 2015

I’m not an over-achieving mother when it comes to home-baked goods or over-involved kids, BUT I do typically make a family bucket list for each season. ?I know the practice is a little cheesy, but I think it helps us stay intentional and think about the things we want to do with our kids while they are little (although I only begrudgingly share a Starbucks drink or the pumpkin butter).

Fall Bucket List 2

Some links with my favorites:

The Toasted Graham Latte?? Perfect timing for a new drink since we eat graham crackers like they are going out of style!

We like Devine Farms for our fall activities.

This pumpkin butter is the best. ?It’s sweet — and not strong on the pumpkin pie spice.


So now you’ve seen?the unofficial Yoder Toter Fall Bucket List. ?Do you share any of the same ideas? ?Ever been on a hayride? ?Have any advice on where you’d take a foliage road trip?

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