5 things to do in Sandusky, Ohio with kids

Sandusky, Ohio is a small city on the shores of Lake Erie that has a ton to offer families! Sandusky is well-known as the home to Cedar Point, but most people spend a day on the rollercoasters and then leave town (raised hand here). However, there are so many reasons to stay and play in Sandusky. Here are my suggestions of 5 things to do in Sandusky, Ohio with kids!

#1 Enjoy top-notch museums

I would not have thought of Sandusky, a city of only 25,000 people, having two fantastic museums! I learned so much at both the Maritime Museum AND The Merry-Go-Round Museum! These are also indoor attractions – for the rainy days you may have in Sandusky.

The Merry-Go-Round Museum is situated in the old Sandusky Post Office. The circular building made for the perfect place to house a full 1920s Carousel. I learned so much about carousels- Did you know that every carousel has a lead horse where the ticket taker would know to start and stop? Did you know that British carousels go clockwise, but everywhere else they are counter-clockwise? Or that carousels date all the way back to the 12th century? Someone sign me up for jeopardy, this museum was a goldmine!

Kids will enjoy getting to ride on the historic Carousel (included in admission) that travels 9 mph! If you’re weak in the stomach, I don’t recommend coming right after a very filling hotel breakfast. 😉

Things to do with kids in Sandusky, Ohio- Things to do in Sandusky, Ohio indoors -  The Merry-Go-Round Museum

The Maritime Museum was another welcome surprise. Sandusky’s location on Lake Erie makes for a history brimming with nautical mystery and drama. The location wasn’t just known for shipping and ferries though, in the late 1900s, Sandusky was the largest ice producer west of New York City! Children can also learn how Sandusky played a role in the Underground Railroad. This was the last stop before former slaves could catch the ferry over to Canada.

Lastly, kids will love this interactive pirate ship! Yes, Lake Erie even had her share of pirates!

Things to do with kids in Sandusky, Ohio- Things to do in Sandusky, Ohio indoors-  Maritime Museum Ohio

The Maritime Museum gives a family discount, offering immediate families admission for just $18. This is a great deal- allot 90+ minutes to spend here.

#2 Hit the water

You can’t be right on the shores of Lake Erie and not enjoy some water activities! Kids of all ages will enjoy Sandusky’s Goodtime I. We took a sunset cruise and enjoyed both scenic views and Cedar Point. Food and beverage can be purchased onboard- for adults that’s a full bar, for the kids, there is pizza. This is a relaxing way to end a day in Sandusky, and prices are affordable- costing our family of 5 less than $30 (under 5 are free).

Things to do in Sandusky with kids- Goodtime I sunset cruise
Things to do in Sandusky with kids- Airboat tour

For the more adventurous, and those with teens, check Air1Airboats out of East Sandusky Bay!? This was not my first airboat ride, but it was my first trip on rough waters! What a hoot! I’m glad I packed my rain jacket (similar), because we got WET!

#3 Fill your tummies

If there is one thing that Sandusky shines for, it’s the number of local restaurants in such a small town.? Sandusky has no shortage of fantastic places to eat!

Needing to caffeinate after a busy day with kids? Try the new(ish) Boomtown Coffee! I tried a nitrogen-infused cold brew (think coffee that comes from a tap and looks like a beer). It was amazing- definitely a pick-me-up!

Things to do with kids in Sandusky- Dockside Cafe

Wanting a lakefront lunch? Try the Dockside Cafe. Not only does the cafe offer up gorgeous vistas of the lake, but the food is also casual, kid-friendly fare. (They are open seasonally- only till October 1 this year- so hurry).

Places to eat in Sandusky, Ohio- You must stop at Toft's Dairy for their amazing ice cream. Learn more about things to do in Sandusky, Ohio here.

Looking to affirm your sweet tooth? Toft’s Dairy is a Sandusky institution for all things dairy- including their famous ice cream! Visit their parlor on Venice Road to try the many flavors. I love the story behind Toft’s family business, including the fact that all of their milk comes from farms located within a 50-mile radius.

#4 Cruise around town – great for families with teens!

For kids 14 and older, what better way to engage them in the history of Sandusky, than by doing so while riding a Segway? Yes, Sandusky has it’s own Segway tour! Jim, the owner of Segwave, has the patience of Job with those that are a little nervous or unsure (i.e. – ME).

Jim offers 1 and 2-hour tours of Sandusky, and plenty of training time to get acclimated to the device. Your favorite part will be cruising right by Lake Erie (and crossing your fingers that the Segway floats). Just kidding!? Of all the things to do in Sandusky, the most unique is riding a Segway through the downtown.

#5 Play it up

When we pulled up to Ghostly Manor, I wasn’t so sure what to expect and didn’t know if I’d recommend it as THE things to do in Sandusky! My 7-yr old is afraid of simple Halloween decorations, so the giant dragon at the door isn’t exactly what you’d expect for a kid-friendly playhouse.

Once inside, I could see why this is the perfect place for the whole family to hang out. From a roller skating rink to an Escape Room, kids of all ages will be happy. There is also a haunted house, blacklight golf, a jungle gym, and arcade games. Our group of adults did the Missing Deed Escape Room, which was much harder than I expected, we needed various clues to help us get out!

Things to do in Sandusky, Ohio with kids- Ghostly Manor Thrill Center is fun for all ages. Find out more things to do in Sandusky, Ohio HERE.

Ghostly Manor is a place you could visit in Sandusky again and again. I’d consider taking my young ones there if traveling with older children that wanted to be at Cedar Point or nearby Haunted Houses.

So there are my Top 5 things to do in Sandusky, Ohio with kids! Have you been to Sandusky?? Were you like me and chose to hit up Cedar Point and then call it a day? I urge you to add more time to your stay!

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* I was hosted by Lake Erie Shores & Islands on a media trip. All opinions are my own.*


Things to do in Sandusky, Ohio that aren't Cedar Point! Things to do in Sandusky with kids - Things to do in Sandusky, Ohio indoors.
Things to do in Sandusky, Ohio that aren't Cedar Point! Make sure you venture into town and find the points of interest that will wow your family. Sandusky is so much more than rollercoasters!
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