#WishfulWednesday- North American water edition

I’ve been dreaming of water lately. ?It’s been 9+ months since we were at the ocean and Ohio-living just doesn’t do it for me sometimes. ?Being on the water always fuels my creativity and makes me even more grateful for this beautifully created world that we live in.

Here’s 5 places I’m eager to visit for #WishfulWednesday.

Thousand Islands, New York/Canada

This?would have been a perfect stop for our trip to Ottawa, but the weather was still very cool a few weeks ago and I didn’t want to drag the three littles on the boat in the freezing cold (and really, I didn’t want to be on water when it was 46 degrees, either). ?This will be on the agenda for our next trip north though, as the Islands boast Boldt Castle- now that’s a sad story- and lots of opportunity for boating and taking in the history of the area. ?I think we’ll stay here, and I’ll be out in the kayak nonstop. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ecola State Park, Oregon

I found this place in a Buzzfeed article of the Best State Parks. ?I’ve seen some pretty great photos of the Oregon coastline, and this may epitomize all of them.

Tulum, Mexico

I know this listing isn’t in the USA, but Tulum has been on my wish list for awhile. ?It’s away from the high rise hotels?of Cancun but still close enough to make it convenient.

False Cape, Virginia

Another State Park that offers unspoiled beaches! ?Easily accessible from Virginia Beach, this may be one to add on to a trip to Washington, D.C. or the Outer Banks.

?Bar Harbor, Maine

Rich history, great seafood, and within close proximity to Acadia National Park- Bar Harbor could really be a treat for the senses. You could catch an inexpensive flight to Baltimore and then hop on this Royal Caribbean cruise… or take an idyllic week at this home?on the coast.



Any places you have been before or adding to the list? ?Or maybe you’re #WishfulWednesday is completely different! ?I’d love to hear!


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