What do I really want for my kids?

You may have gotten the gist from the blog that we plan to homeschool our children.





























Jackson is quickly approaching kindergarten and I’m knee deep in trying to pray and research and network my way into a curriculum that works for us.? I’ve passed on some knowing that this season where I still have two littles makes it a decision about what is best for all, not just for one.

After reading this article the other day (I posted it to my personal Facebook page), I was stuck on the fact that we continually desire for our children to know more and more.

I find myself yearning that my son (and all my children) be the best and brightest.? My motives are unclear though, sometimes it is for the joy of watching them excel, and sometimes it’s merely because it “toots my own horn” as a homeschool mom.? I feel torn almost daily between allowing him to just be a kid: play outside, run around the library, watch a few cartoons and wanting him to be a 5 -yr-old that’s on his way to a PhD through educational opportunities, bookwork, and field trips.? I’m not sure where you draw the line.

I constantly hear a quiet voice at the back of my head asking me, “When you look back at your child-rearing years, will you wish you would have taught him Spanish now or do you wish you would have spent less time worrying about the screen and snuggling up with him to watch a movie?? I’m not sure I know the answer and maybe it’s a mix of both.

Maybe my bigger question is, “How do I make them citizens of the world without making them think the world revolves around them?”?

I do believe our cultural switch in the past 40-50 years?from teaching our kids hard work and instead sending them to dance, basketball, and Boy Scouts has only shown them that the world revolves around them and their activities.? I preach this as a woman that has continually struggled to give up “my rights” and care for my children and my husband.? Of course I?want for my kids to be well-rounded and happy, but I moreso desire for them to be less self-centered and strong in their convictions.

Maybe all of this that I’m saying is something that you do not agree with.? I’m so glad I fell upon this blog about a mantra for mothers called, “Good for her, not for me.”?

I’m thankful for the opportunity to homeschool because I know that I can tailor the education to what my kids enjoy the most and will excel at best.? It works for me because while I love to travel, I don’t do well at running around my own town and being lost in busy-ness.

No curriculum, schedule, homeschool, private school, public school?OR set of parents is perfect.?? Parenting is a learning process in itself!? I’m thankful that God provides the grace when we fail- and that kids give us lots of grace, too (Mostly because they don’t know how much we are losing sleep over all of this).


What do you think?? Did you feel pressure to conform to a particular homeschool curriculum- or maybe even private school or public school?? And seriously, wouldn’t the world just be a better place if we all said, “Good for her, not for me?”?? Come’on Moms, let’s do this!


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