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In my short time as a blogger, I’ve been blessed with opportunities that I didn’t really expect!  One of them happened a few weeks ago, when I was able to attend the Thirty-One Gifts Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

If you live in the USA or Canada, I’m sure you’ve heard of Thirty-One’s stylish and functional purses, wallets, and organizing solutions.  I’ve used their products for at least 7 years, for everything from diaper bags to file folders and travel accessories.  Thirty-One really does offer problem-solving totes for all ages, but what I found out even more from attending their conference is that they aim to inspire and empower woman through Christian values.  They also have some of THE friendliest employees I have ever met!

Thirty-One’s conference is a three-day weekend of uplifting speakers, hands-on training, and a conference shop.  It should have been no surprise the massive crowd at Nationwide Arena, because combining US and Canada numbers, there are over 63,000 independent sales consultants!  Thirty-One is the 38th largest direct selling company IN THE WORLD!

Seeing this caliber of company, it’s easy to understand why they had speakers like Carrie Wilkerson, John Addison, and Dewitt Jones.  Our session included an hour long presentation by Dewitt Jones, who spent twenty years as a world-class photographer for National Geographic.  Being the travel-obsessed lady that I am, I couldn’t wait to hear Jones’ perspective on creativity and success.

One of the first things that Mr. Jones told the Thirty-One family was,

Celebrate what is right with the world rather than what is wrong with it.Click To Tweet

Would it have been awkward for me to give him a standing ovation at that moment?  Don’t worry, I didn’t!

Dewitt talked about how he got started at National Geographic by pitching what seemed like a crazy adventure as a paid gig.  As a young college kid, he wanted to shoot a video of some friends kayaking up the coast of Japan.  The story was pretty funny, but he believes that he got the job only because he kept pushing into life- and it pushed back.

He urged us that were listening with the charge, “When passion and creativity are are there, discipline and commitment isn’t lacking.”  Isn’t that fact?  When we are passionate and creative, we don’t have to wonder if we’ll stay committed.  It’s like the old adage, “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.”  YES.  (I’m about to stand up and clap RIGHT NOW).

Dewitt wove his beautiful images into his speech, showing us how changing our perspective can completely change the outcome.  In his heyday, he would take over 14,000 photos to get 30 for a magazine spread.  In other words, think how much it takes to train your technique and focus on your vision.

He pushed again, “Life is continually finding the next right answer.”  Wow, isn’t that true.  Whether we are selling purses or writing a blog or raising kids or navigating an airport– We are continually tweaking our skills and procedure to find what works best.

Mr. Jones entire speech aligned with the Thirty-One vision, which is “to give women the tools to achieve financial freedom to support their personal “Whys” and to make the path to that freedom simple, easy & fun, and full of rewarding experiences.”

I’m thankful I was able to have such a rewarding experience by attending the conference!

Now, not going to lie, while the speech was well-received, we ladies love some FREE STUFF.  Afterward, the fall catalog conference swag was released and the crowd was pumped.

Here’s a sample of Thirty-One Gifts fall 2017:

Cinch Sac in Little Bones – My Olen wants to use this for Trick or Treat.  How adorable!

Essential Storage Tote in Moosin’ Around – I know this is geared towards Christmas, but I want to plan a trip to Canada or Alaska based solely based upon this print and have all of my bags personalized. That is all. #agirlcandream

Littles Carry-all Caddy in Grey Lil’ Scribble – this bag is part of the We Give Back initiative…and I can’t wait to use it in C’s room

You can find even more in the new Fall Catalog!

Which one of these products is your favorite?  Anyone else ready to book a trip based upon a bag?  Or, what speech has inspired you lately?


*I attended Thirty-One’s conference as a member of the media and received the above bags for free.  All opinions are my own!*

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