Things to see in Coshocton, Ohio with your family

I grew up a measly 30 minutes from Coshocton, Ohio but it wasn’t until having children of my own that the small town called to me that it needed some more exploring. ?Here are some things to see in Coshocton, Ohio with your family.

Roscoe Village

A 1830s canal town, Roscoe Village was once a bustling port (a modern day Nassau?!). ?Today, with costumed interpreters and well-manicured gardens, young and old will enjoy a stroll along the brick promenades. ?Living History tours are available at a cost, but you don’t have to pay admission to enter the historic street and shop or dine.

Things to see in Coshocton, Ohio  -- things to do with the family in Coshocton, Ohio

Canal Boat – Monticello III

After learning so much about the Ohio-Erie canal on our short trip to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, we were really eager to take a boat ride on a section of the old canal. ?The Ohio-Erie canal functioned as a 1830s roadway, carrying goods all the way from Lake Erie to the Ohio River- It was a huge economic endeavor for the young State of Ohio – even if most of the canal was dug by Irish immigrants for 30 cents a day plus a portion of whiskey (interesting!).

The Monticello III is driven by two Percheron horses that weigh about 2300 lbs each. ?One man walks behind the horses while another steers the boat from the stern. ?This type of canal transportation could only go up to 40 miles a day, but realistically more like 10-15 assuming the boats would line up to go through the locks. ?All of these facts were given by our kind guide.

This is the type of boat ride that’s perfect for us high-anxiety mamas. ?There are no bumps, there is no speed, just a leisurely, smooth ride where our kids were still able to spot a turtle and learn from history (I mean, who can ask for more?).

Also, kids under five are FREE and a child-sized?sports bottle of punch (in the gift shop) was 50 cents!?Who can beat that? ?#thankyouowners

Things to see in Coshocton, Ohio- things to do in Coshocton, Ohio

Things to do in Coshocton, Ohio Things to do in Coshocton, Ohio

Things to see in Coshocton, Ohio - Things to do in Coshocton. Things to do in Coshocton, Ohio- Family friendly tour on a canal boat - Roscoe Village

Clary Gardens

Even though much of my family lives nearby, I hadn’t heard of Clary Gardens until a friend visited. ?It turns out the land to make this emerging botanical garden was only purchased in 2001. ?Just a minute drive from Roscoe Village,?this is the perfect place to pack your family a picnic lunch and enjoy some time in nature.

Our kids loved the Lookout Tower and that’s where we ate our sandwiches. ?I fell in love with the Theatre in the Ravine and decided that we’re either going to have a vow renewal ceremony, or I’m making sure one of my kids is married in this serene place ?(#momalwayswins). ? You wouldn’t need more than an hour here unless you’re going for a special event (like my vow renewal?!).

Things to do in Coshocton, Ohio - Clary GardensThings to see in Coshocton, Ohio - Clary Gardens Things to do in Coshocton, Ohio - Clary Gardens

Things to do in Coshocton, Ohio
Jackson later told me that they were posing like “Christ the Redeemer.” We’ve definitely had Olympic fever! Maybe a trip to Rio is in the cards?

These family-friendly?places are just a sampling of Coshocton. ?Did I mention there’s also a pretty legitimate wine trail? ?Maybe for a day that grandma has the kids? ?I’ll just leave that info HERE just in case. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have you been to Coshocton? ?What’s your go-to picnic meal? ?Maybe you already have a spot picked for your child’s wedding? ?I’d love to hear!


Things to do in Coshocton, Ohio - things to see in Coshocton with the family.

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