Update on New Years’ goals

2016 goals and aspirations- UPDATE


How are we halfway through the year?  It’s crazy how quickly that happens.  I’m not gearing up for Christmas yet (Hobby Lobby is for.the.love), but I did want to review how I’m doing on my New Year’s Resolution. I could probably do better, but the fact that I’m still talking about my January goals in July is better than most Americans!


Run the Blackhand Gorge 10k trail run in August (I ran the 5k in 2015)-  I may have a heart attack, but I’m still planning to do this.  My training has been less than stellar (i.e. virtually nonexistant).

Eat one fruit and one vegetable everyday (It’s that bad.  Why aren’t M & Ms a fruit?!?)- I’m totally doing this.  I’ve been eating a lot of homemade salads.  And everyone knows that homemade salads really stink unless they include hard-boiled eggs and some bacon.  Waa. 

Rest.  Like really rest.  Nap without guilt.  Take a day off  from cleaning.  Repeat.  Read a book and lay down. – I’ve been doing so well!  Probably 3 days a week I get a 20 minute nap.  It’s just what I need to get me through the afternoon.



Implement things I am learning in Boundaries with Kids-  I think I better go back and reread this.  Summer is hard.  I don’t do well without a routine and it’s hard to have a routine when there are neighbors and house projects and travel.  We’re starting back to a partial homeschool days this week (Godblessuseveryone) and we shall see if that makes a difference.

Read to the kids during daylight hours (we read a lot before bed, but incorporate this more into the daytime)I realized this was majorly lacking so we took a long trip to the library last week.  The oldest and I are starting a chapter book today.


One date night/month- We’re doing really well at this.  We’ve even been away for two nights (once in March and once in June) without kids.  Maybe our goal should be one night AWAY per quarter.

Make Brian’s lunch once per week (ok, I know that sounds simple, but I know it’s a way I can serve him and make his mornings easier)- I’ve done this maybe once every two weeks.  I AM A SLACKER.  



Romans 12:12 says we (Christians) are to “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”  My goal for this year is to live that out.  Exude joy.  Have more patience (yikes!).  Be faithful in prayer.  If I say I will pray for something, really PRAY for it  (you do it, too).

I don’t think anyone can ever “arrive” on either of these items.  Have I been more intentional with the words that come out of my mouth?  Definitely.  Have I still failed about a gazillion times?  Oh yes.  Thankful for His grace, and the grace of my husband and kids.  



Continue funding Roth IRAs and 529s- We’re doing this!

Buy a flip/investment house- We looked at a few in the spring but haven’t found the right one.  For our first investment we want something that doesn’t require too much of an overhaul, but it also has to be in an okay neighborhood, and in our price range.  Specific at all?  Finding this combination has been tricky but we’re still in the game. 🙂



We’re slowly marking things off our of 2016 Travel Plans.  Our most recent visit was Cuyahoga Valley National Park, but in the meantime we’ve been working on our Summer Bucket List.


How are you doing on your yearly goals?  Do you make goals?  What’s been the hardest one?