Stop the mom guilt for taking care of yourself

Last night we spent $56 and some hotel points and snuck away to the local Doubletree.  I brought a coupon for the adjoining restaurant and after a dinner where I didn’t have to clean up C’s war-like spaghetti remnants, we retreated to our down bedding and I watched a Nicholas Sparks crappy movie.

The Mr. is already off for his day of work so I’m sitting in a hotel room.  Alone.  At 9 am in the morning.

It’s the stuff dreams are made of.



I knew my breaking point was coming after a few busy weeks with the husband traveling a lot.  Tuesday night he came home to find me face down on the bed, half- asleep.  We ate the kids’ marshmallow cereal for our dinner at 9 pm.  I was spent.  I’d hope to shake off some of the weariness, but I couldn’t.


I don’t know what season you’re in, maybe it’s one filled with football games and band practice and late teenage hours.  Maybe it’s one with nursing at 3 am and getting up with a teething toddler.  Maybe it’s homeschool or public school or your own college courses.  I don’t know.

Here’s what we all need.  A dose of grace.

Oh, hi, GRACE:

Oh, you fed your kids mac n cheese three times this week because you couldn’t bear the thought of meal-planning?  That’s great!  You fed them!

Oh, so you skipped playdate/preschool/PTA this week because you were feeling a little overwhelmed?  Fantastic!  I bet the kids really enjoyed that time at home without all the running around.

Grace!  Oh, you haven’t slept through the night in 3 nights (for whatever reason) so you didn’t get up this morning and do morning devotions followed by 3 loads of laundry?  Perfect- I bet you’ll be a better mom today because you’re rested!

A few weeks ago I asked a elderly lady if she struggled with mom-guilt when her kids were growing up?  She balked at the question- like maybe the kids should feel guilty instead for all the put her through.  I laughed.

Sometimes grace is dressed as a $56 dollar night at the hotel.  Sometimes it’s dressed as an 89-year-old woman.  Let’s all do better at giving it to ourselves and offering it to others.

Grace > Guilt. 


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