Prime Day Deals for the Traveling Family

Ahhh – it’s Prime Day! Two days of deals to entice you to spend all your money on the Internet. Ha! I’d be a lousy influencer if I didn’t share some of the best prices on our tried-and-true favorites, but also a few that are going on my Amazon Wish List. Happy Shopping!

If you aren’t yet a Prime Member, you can purchase one here. Not only is the two-day free shipping a definite perk, but we also use the membership for their streaming services – it’s one of the most inexpensive ways to stream our favorite cartoons and movies!

prime day deals 2022

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Clothing Deals

These Adidas Cloudfoam shoes are some of my favorite traveling shoes. They are comfortable and can withstand a day of walking without feeling heavy and bulky! They are marked down over 40%!

These are my son’s favorite slides and they are now at a great price! I may buy the next size up to prepare! Lol.

Around the House

These patio lights are on sale! We have them hanging over our deck and I’m tempted to buy more at this price!

Black-out shades with kiddos are a MUST! I’ve been using these for two years and they have made such a huge difference in my kid’s sleep! You can just peel and stick them. Disclaimer: They do get kinda faded and gross after a while, I would say one paper blind lasts about a year! I’ve thought about even traveling with them! They are 20%+ off.

When you travel a lot, you need to keep an eye on the house. We purchased these Blink outdoor security cameras and doorbell (make sure you get the sync module, too) a few months ago, and we’ve been really pleased with the system. It’s easy to set up via an app on your phone!

We have this rug in our recently remodeled bathroom and I get so many compliments! It’s almost 70% off! I like that it’s thin and doesn’t have a rough backing that would scratch floors.

Camping and outdoor adventures

This Marmot Weekender Bag is on my wish list! 30% off for Prime Day – it would be a great bag to have for our adventures.

We bought mostly cheap sleeping bags last year when preparing for our first camping adventure. I think I’m going to purchase one of these to have for the future – the price is just too good – and I really trust the Coleman name.

Our favorite 2-person kayak is on sale! This is the best price I’ve seen in a long time. You can read why I think this is the best inflatable kayak for families.

This 100-quart cooler is currently the same price as the 64-quart! Such an amazing deal!

These are my favorite water bottles – especially in the kids’ version! They don’t spill and they are easy for the kiddos to handle. Prime Day deal is half off!!!

We’ve been looking for a new bag cooler to take on day trips. I unexpectedly found this one from Under Armour! The price is right.

This is the tent we purchased last year and ohmyword, am I sad we didn’t purchase it on Prime Day. Oye! Over $100 off!!

For the kids

My favorite baby carrier is on sale!! Louisa has been carried all over Ohio and the US in this carrier. It holds up to 45 pounds. Don’t miss it!

This is our favorite game to take on road trips (20% off today) – and I also use it for homeschooling! A great way to memorize those state capitals.

This blog post is brought to you by the Amazon Kindle 8 – it’s currently keeping a very busy toddler happy while I type. Ha!! We use this Kindle on all of our road trips. It’s easy to download shows from Prime for the times we won’t have Wifi.

Attention toddler parents! Most of the Bluey toys and apparel are included in the Prime Day deals. I have a little one with a birthday coming up and I’ll definitely be shopping today!

Car seats and booster seats are on sale! We’ve used both of these!

Miscellaneous finds

Are you even an American tourist if you don’t have one of these around your neck? Amazing price!

Have a favorite Prime Day deal? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list!! Happy shopping.

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