Picking a pine

Black Friday was more of a Green Friday for us! ?We headed out to our favorite tree farm to pick out the Griswold Yoder Toter family Christmas Tree. We’re lucky because our area is full of Christmas tree farms, Licking County actually has the most in Ohio.

The past couple of years we’ve gotten our tree from M & M Tree Farm. They don’t have a website, or an official Facebook page. ((What?!?)) They do, however, offer canaan firs, some of the best prices in the county, and small bags of M & Ms for the kids for the drive home! #winning

Here’s a bombardment of pictures from our day. I know the out-of-town grandmas will enjoy, but hope you do, too.

tree 1
Riding on the tree sled is so much fun!
tree 2
Daddy, whatcha doing?
He’s not going to do the high jump, the stick is to measure the tree. i.e. Keep Brian and I from getting into a fight! Ha!
I love their signs throughout the property.
tree shake
Olen shook his booty while the tree was being shaken to release the needles.
My goofballs waiting for Daddy to pull the van up.
finished product
The finished product. Can you guess what area C likes to play with? ๐Ÿ™‚
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