My Wish

Today the man in my life turns 33. ?He kissed me for the first time just 6 days before he turned 18.

We watched our wedding video the other day. ?Two young kids, not a wrinkle between us, proclaiming that we would love each other like Christ and he would support me financially, and I would support his dreams.

This comes easy when you are 20 and 22.


Fast forward to just 4 or 5 days ago?when a friend called and told?Brian that?he is sick. Very sick. The disease that took?Brian’s dad four years ago has reared its ugly head and we don’t have the right words again.

Just two days earlier while Brian was away for work I lay in bed and cursed the nights that I can’t sleep because he isn’t here. ?I don’t know where the insomnia comes from but it was birthed with Jackson and has never ended. ?Then I remembered my two sweet friends who go to bed without their husbands each night due to the cancer, too. ?And I pray for their comfort and their hearts.


The love comes easy when it’s just you and him chasing big dreams and loving long and sleeping well.

The love is thicker but harder to see when?mixed with sleepless nights and changes of plans and death and disease.

We may not always have the fairy tale.

But we have it fairly good.


And may we always remember at birthdays, and other days, too.

That this life is fleeting and just a vapor.

And it’s not YOLO, it’s more like YOGO. ?You?only GET once. ?You only GIVE once.


The greatest love story of all is the man who gave His life away so that we might live with Him in Glory.

That man was 33 years old when he took to the cross.


So today as my man turns 33, I’m thankful for him as he gives so much for this family. ?He loves purely and kindly. ?He is wise and calm so many things that I am not.

Yes, my wish for him is to have a great evening filled with slobbery kisses and chocolate cake and maybe even a Wiggles party (ha! Jackson’s request).

But my bigger wish is that our family would use this upcoming year to love well and give well. ?Follow the lead of our King and the lead of our husband and daddy. ?That we would be grace-filled and giving, intentional with all of our time.

Happy birthday, Brian. ?We love you so much!




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