Life with Littles – A question for my readers

How do you run errands/complete tasks?

The Yoder Toters have been struggling with something lately. ?We feel like we hardly do anything as a family, it’s always me home with the kids and Brian working, running errands, or working on a project…. or it’s Brian watching the kids while I do shopping, scout a sale, or pick up groceries.

Is this just the season of life that we’re in or is this how all of you operate as well?

20151003_091616 (2)
Entertaining themselves while big brother took swimming lessons yesterday.

It seems like when we just had Jackson that normally we would all go as a family to run errands and shop, etc. ?Then when we had Olen we started to split up a lot more, mostly for the sake of time. ?However, since having C, it seems like we are rarely ever altogether (sans vacations, planned outings, or church). ?Obviously I have the kids with me during the day and will shop with them and such, but we never really do much fully as a family of 5.

So I’m wondering- is it the same for you, too? ?Is this just the stage of life we are in with young children or is this typical for you as well? ?Do you leave the kids at home with one spouse because it is a time saver- or maybe to avoid boredom and frustration? ?I want to know!

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