I know my life is cushy


I’m not oblivious to the fact that I write a blog geared towards finances and travel. ?Saving money, building wealth, and traveling the world are things in which?I’m genuinely interested.

This week it’s been weighing on?my mind?that this blog is not for everyone. ?Not because people aren’t interested in those things, but because they don’t have the opportunity to be interested in those thing.

When I served at a local meal for the unfortunate this week, many of those there were elderly. ?It bothered me that social security checks aren’t measuring up and so they frequent a weekly community meal to make their dollars stretch further at the grocery store.

It worries?me that two classmates of mine from high school, both mothers, are facing medical issues. ?One started chemo this week, the other had a heart attack.

I can’t ignore the articles that tell me that girls in Kenya miss school only because of their period, or that bodies of refugee children are washing ashore.

And while I’m blogging about what retirement looks like for us wealthy North Americans or how to travel the country on a dime, it’s not forgotten that I lead a super cushy life. ?That most of my wants are really that- wants. ?That the world is full of people trying to hold onto their babies a little longer and just keep their tummies full until the next meal.

No #FridayFunny today, just lots of prayers.



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