Huddleston Farmhouse and the National Road Museum

Indiana Landmark near Cambridge City

The Huddleston Farmhouse was built in 1841 by John Huddleston. Mr. Huddleston built his home knowing that it would become an Inn for people traveling along the newly created National Road.

Thirty-five years earlier, in 1806, Congress authorized the construction of the National Road. However, this wasn’t without some controversy! In a country as new as the United States, legislators (and their constituents) weren’t sure that the government should be allowed to fund roads!

The construction of the National Road finally made its way to Indiana in 1829. It was just 12 years after this that Mr. Huddleston built his home with the plans to house his own 11 children (Oh, Mrs. Huddleston- you jewel), rest traveling horses, sell meals and provide a cook stove for those who might need it.

Huddleston House, National Road Museum, Indiana Landmarks, US 40 Indiana,, Cambridge City, Indiana

The main level of the house is full of period furnishings to give visitors an idea of what life would have been like for the Huddleston family. I imagined what prepping and cooking a meal for a family of 13 PLUS visitors and determined that I was born in the 1980s for a reason! Ha!

The downstairs level of the home showcases the room where visitors to the Huddleston home would have slept, but it is also home to the National Road Museum. Current visitors experience what life would have been like for travelers on the National Road – later known as US 40 – from pioneer times until today. While I wasn’t traveling with my children, many of the exhibits are hands-on and interactive, even for kids!

Huddleston House, National Road Museum, Indiana Landmarks, US 40 Indiana,, Cambridge City, Indiana

While I found the museum’s account of the building of the road and the transition of traveler’s use of Conestoga wagons to automobiles fascinating, my favorite pieces of the property was actually outside the home.

The restored barn and 1840s spring house are the most handsome parts of the former Huddleston property. I see why the barn serves as a wedding venue!

Huddleston House, National Road Museum, Indiana Landmarks, US 40 Indiana,, Cambridge City, Indiana

While you’re visiting Huddleston House, don’t forget that the Historic National Road is one of America’s Scenic Byways. Following US-40 in Indiana allows you to experience what is known as the “Main Street of America.” Learn more about Indiana’s National Road HERE.


The Huddleston Farmhouse and National Road Museum are located just west of Cambridge City, Indiana. Cambridge City is known for its numerous antique stores. If you’re traveling with kids and worried about shopping through priceless heirlooms, consider stopping at Cambridge City’s many murals! These help to tell the story of this area!

Cambridge City, Indiana.  Murals of Cambridge City, Indiana.

The Huddleston Farmhouse is managed by Indiana Landmarks and open by appointment only. Check their Facebook page for special events.


A visit to the Huddleston Farmhouse near Cambridge City, Indiana will teach you about the history of the National Road.  #VisitIndiana #MidwestTravel
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