Hey Christians, do you really value life?

Dear Christian,

I see you wearing a pro-life shirt, yet you scowl when I sit next to you at the restaurant.

You see, that baby turns into a squirmy, squealing 17-month old.? She’s full of movement and determined to never lose to her older brothers.

I hear you joke that you’re glad your hotel room isn’t next to mine.? And then wonder if I’m maybe a Catholic or a Mormon.

I’m not, but I love Jesus. ?You know, the guy who said, “Let the little children come to me.”

value life



Having three kids in four years has proved one thing to me- that most Christians don’t really support life.


Have we?forgotten that babies?grow up– ?and to support life you have to like babies, and toddlers, and sassy preschoolers? ? Maybe?what you really support is women having babies because it makes you feel better about yourself?!? Oh, Pharisee!


This isn’t easy for me, either.

Somedays I want a break.? A vacation.? A quiet house.

I forget that when I love on my kids and teach them grace and love and mercy, that I’m literally doing the Lord’s work.

I forget that when I spend extra time to do all those little things- brush teeth, wash behind ears, cart them to the grocery store and swim lessons and homeschool outings, that I’m investing in them the way that Jesus invests in me.

There have been days I have wished them away so I could JUST get my house tidier and my toenails painted.

We’re on this journey TOGETHER.


I don’t want you to babysit.? Or offer empathy.

I want you just to stop. ?Hold your comments.

Maybe chew on this,

“Children are a heritage from the Lord,
????offspring a reward from him.” (Psalm 127:3 NIV).


Not every Christian needs to have 19?children.? Or even 3.

The disobedience lies in our hearts.


Do we love children?

Do we value the next generation?

Do we value Christ’s view of children?


I’m so thankful the Lord? blessed me with these three little hearts.? They have revealed my own?selfishness and my wicked heart in regards to children.? I pray that your heart will reconsider your actions towards children (and the moms and dads doing the hard work to raise them up)!


In Christ,


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