Get Me Off This Plane

Today on #TravelTuesday, I thought I would share with you about my irrational fear that causes my only travel woe.

I’m really afraid of flying.

Lack of Control + 30,000 feet = Hysterical Leah


I will now give you a short recap of some of my worst behavior.

On the way back from our honeymoon we started to have some turbulence.  When I saw the flight attendant stumble I asked Brian to, “Get me off this plane!” He laughed at his new bride and said, “So I should just push ya out at 35,000 feet?”

On a flight home from Philadelphia, we were headed straight into a bad snowstorm.  The pilot announced that he couldn’t get the plane above 20,000 feet because the air up higher was even worse.  At this point, I held my best friend’s hand and said, “I trust you God” over and over again while the less-than-impressed businessman beside me rolled his eyes.

Coming back from Albuquerque a few years ago, Brian and I noticed that a man was being led onto our plane by police officers.  When  we reached cruising altitude, this same man spent more than 20 minutes in the bathroom.  I flipped out and reported it to the flight attendant, who eventually knocked on the door.  Brian thought I had lost my mind, while I claimed I had probably saved all of our lives since clearly he was building a bomb in the bathroom.

I’ve talked to other people that abhor flying and it usually has to do with the fact that they feel a complete lack of control.  No matter whether the statistics are in your favor or not, getting on a plane IS putting your life in someone else’s hands.

It probably doesn’t help that I also like to check out before I leave home.  (Sorry).

Or I look into apps called, “Am I Going Down?

Or I read conspiracy theories about MH370 (which to me is not a conspiracy at all, duh).

Please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t travel well!?

I love love love to travel so I’m never going to stop flying, but I’m also going to need a lot of prayer to make it through! (And my calm, patient, husband could probably use some for having to deal with me)!

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