Best places for dessert in Fort Wayne, Indiana

When you think of a foodie destination, the Midwestern city of Fort Wayne?may not come to mind! ?However, our family had a blast eating our way through the city! Here is my list of the three best places for dessert in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Yummi Bunni

The name didn’t give me a clue as to why we should visit Yummi Bunni. ?However, we’re not talking about a little rabbit (although it is in their logo), we’re talking about a BUN- a glazed one, nonetheless. ?Inside of that sweet bun is your ice cream of choice AND a topping. ?Think of something like the seasonal “Ooey Gooey” which is ?s’mores ice cream with toasted marshmallow cream, topped with fudge and graham cracker chunks and then a peanut butter drizzle! That’s a big serving of happiness if you ask me. ?;)


Best places for dessert in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Don't miss Yummi Bunni!

Best places for dessert, Fort Wayne, Indiana - Yummi Bunni serves ice cream in a glazed donut bun! What could be better?
I believe the top option was named after me!

The Yummi Bunni is located in a convenient downtown location, which was only a short walk from our hotel- The Hilton Fort Wayne at Grand Wayne Convention.

This Fort Wayne dessert shop is so popular, it was recently featured on the Today Show on a segment showcasing ice cream trends. ?The Yummi Bunni is one trend you’ll want to take part in, trust me!

Sweets So Geek

This little gem is located in an unassuming strip mall, but I promise you that Sweets So Geek will deliver some BIG tastes.

We went to Sweets so Geek hoping for Star Wars cutouts, but they didn’t have any that day. ?However, Olen picked out Ghostbusters gummies, i.e. Slimer. ?We also had lightsaber chocolate-covered pretzels and delicious cupcakes. ?I chose a gluten-free cupcake and my husband and I both agreed that the cupcakes may have been the best we’d ever had!Best places for dessert in Fort Wayne, Indiana- Sweets so Geek is so fun for kids.

If your kids love superheroes or sci-fi, they are sure to love the shop that’s themed towards their favorite characters. ?My kids favorite part (after the treats)- the toilet paper roll in the restroom was a toy lightsaber. ?#momtooknotes

DeBrand Fine Chocolates

DeBrand already has a well-established name as one of the best desserts in Fort Wayne and for good reason! ?You can tour the DeBrand Fine Chocolates factory on the north side or visit one of their other three locations. ?We chose to stop by the downtown shop, looking for a cool treat after a fun morning spent kayaking.

Their downtown location has a swanky vibe to it, with velvet coverings and soft lighting. ?We marched in in our sweaty athletic gear, so you don’t have to dress up! ?While DeBrand Fine Chocolate’s signature is their chocolate, but we tried their gelato and were not disappointed. ?I got the citrus flavor and it was a refreshing treat! ?If you’re visiting on a cold day, they offer espressos and hot chocolate.

Best places for dessert, Fort Wayne, Indiana- DeBrand Chocolates is a Fort Wayne institution.

Best places for dessert - Fort Wayne, Indiana. The inside of the downtown location is very posh.

Fort Wayne has so many great dessert places, you’ll definitely want to make room in your diet! ?Or, be like us, and have ice cream and cupcakes for lunch. Ha!

Have you been to Fort Wayne, Indiana? What do you think is the best dessert in Fort Wayne? Or, what’s your favorite local treat?

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The best desserts in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You won't want to miss these three institutions of all things sweet!** I was hosted by the Fort Wayne CVB. ?All opinions & photographs are my own.**

** Post contains affiliate links**

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