Best Christmas gifts for the travel-obsessed woman

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Do you know this type of woman?? The one that asks for a special trip or a weekend away in lieu of fancy shoes or the latest electronic?? The mom that brags about recent adventures instead of her latest set of wheels?? Oh wait, I’m talking about me.? Anyhow, here’s my list of the best Christmas gifts for the travel-obsessed woman.? Someone send this to my husband, please. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Best Christmas gifts for the travel obsessed woman

Try the World Snack Box

Even if a woman has everything, she still eats!? I love the idea of a snack box because it 1. doesn’t require grocery shopping and 2. can be used by a woman on the go!? The Try the World Snack box is a curated box of locally-made snacks from all over the globe.


AMIR Camera Lens Kit

This is THE gift for the lady who takes a slew of photos on her phone, and really who doesn’t?!? This lens set allows the traveler to take her photography up a notch with a fish-eye lens, a macro lens, and a wide-angle lens!? And it’s under $15.? Sometimes I just don’t want to haul my DSLR camera around, and I’d like to see how this would add to my photography skills without toting all the extra weight.


World Changer Coin Bank

While this bank is a beautiful way to save some travel funds, what is even more important is that it is Fair Trade!? The World Changer Coin Bank from Trades of Hope is crafted in Bangladesh, giving impoverished women the chance to provide for their families.


Best gifts for the travel obsessed woman

HopSooken Packing Cubes

I can’t sing the joys of packing cubes enough.? If there’s a woman on your list that is traveling soon, share with her the satisfaction of having extra room in her luggage and removing clothes that are UNWRINKLED.? I pack each of my children in a different cube, so unpacking is a breeze and then THEY can be in charge of their individual cube.? My set didn’t come with a laundry bag, and this one definitely beats having to bring extra plastic bags.


Best Christmas gifts for the travel obsessed woman

Map art from Minted

I adore this map artwork from Minted.? It may be meant for a child’s room, but I think it could go in many spaces.? Minted also offers artwork of different cities, it would be easy to find something for the traveling woman!? As a perk, you’ll earn 4 Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards points for every $1 you spend at the shop!? Now that’s something to celebrate.? Get the Chrome extension HERE.


Winter shawl/scarf

I know I had a scarf on last year’s holiday list,?but they really are the most versatile thing in a traveling mom’s closet.? On our beach trip this summer, I wore a lightweight scarf and it came in handy when we encountered a rank-smelling rest stop bathroom. Yes, you can even breathe into them!? #keepingitreal Scarves can add statement to an outfit, serve as a wrap on a cold airplane, cover a nursing baby, etc etc etc.? Buy all the scarves.? This one is under $15, too!


Best Christmas gifts for the travel obsessed woman

Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft

What more does an over-extended lady need than a clear-bottomed raft to watch the ocean move beneath her?? I DON’T KNOW.? Get out, skipper, Momma’s ready for a rest while watching the fishies. We’ve been talking for ages about visiting Hawaii in 2018 and I think all I’d need to pack is a bathing suit, my sweet family, and this.

Fossil Passport Cover

This pretty in pink passport cover is the perfect stocking stuffer for the frequent traveler.


What’s on your Christmas list?? Any of these items make the cut??




Best Christmas gifts for the travel obsessed woman

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