Belterra Hotel and Casino (sans kids)

Belterra Hotel and Casino Trip Report – a miniature Vegas on the Ohio River

Confession: I have been to Las Vegas three times and probably gambled a total of $40.

However, when my sweetheart of a hubby told me I could tag along to his business trip to Belterra Hotel and Casino, I jumped at the chance! A night away without the kids was the perfect chance to see what the Belterra had to offer!

Belterra Hotel and Casino is a convenient getaway from cities like Cincinnati, Louisville, and Indianapolis. It's not just a gambling destination- we enjoyed their restaurants, shopping, and swimming pool!

First impressions

Driving from Ohio, I began to wonder where ARE you taking me? (I watch too many episodes of Snapped in my pre-kid life). Our road trip took us from Ohio to Kentucky to Indiana. However, I found the location to be perfect.

The Belterra Hotel and Casino is located in Florence, Indiana on the banks of the Ohio River. (Check current rates) The grounds are clean and well-manicured.

I helped Mr. YT carry in all of his samples for the show and then checked in. Check-in was quick and our room was ready at 10am although we weren’t technically supposed to get in until 3!

I sent my hard-working hubby a picture of this bathroom with the word: SOLD! A good bathroom is enough to woo me for life.

The room was priced under $100. Where else can you watch TV from the tub for under $100?

Bathroom at the Belterra Hotel and Casino. Loved the idea of watching TV from the bathtub!Food

We ate at numerous restaurants at the Belterra Hotel and Casino. You’re 10 minutes away from the closest town so eating on-site is a must.

Lunch was at Out of Bounds Bar & Grill next to the pool and golf course. The fried chicken salad was ginormous and fresh. My only complaint was we got there right at 11 and the lights were still off and they were filling the ice machine. Not a great first impression.

Dinner was at Stadium Sports Bar and Grill. Think BW3s and Applebees having a baby. Get thyself a giant pretzel.  Bread and cheese lovers will both be happy, as the cheese dip is finger-licking good, too.

Breakfast was at the Nosh cafe. I grabbed a maple bacon donut before we left. ?(Before you start worrying about my heart disease, I did hit the gym that morning, lol).


Sunshine was everywhere – so while Mr. YT worked on making the Benjamins, I worked on getting some tan lines. #keptwoman

The pool is small but sufficient. There were tons of people there and chairs were hard to come by. (I think a lot of other spouses were tagging along to the convention). My only complaint was that many of the chairs were literally sitting inches from the pool, lining the sides. It was nearly impossible to get in and out of the pool without brushing shoulders with the sunbathers. I need a little more space when I’m wearing two feet of spandex on my entire body. I digress.

That said, there is a pool boy (is that politically correct?) fetching drinks and towels. And a pina colada at the pool bar was $5 (those will set ya back about $10 in Vegas).


We only went to the casino looking for food, so my opinions are few.

The casino was clean- and there’s a non-smoking area if you struggle with a smoke allergy.


The bed was comfy. The bathroom gets 10,000 points. And we had a sweet view of the Ohio River.


Overall, I think this would be a fun place to get away for a night or two if you’re close to Indianapolis, Cincinnati, or Louisville. It’s quiet, the rooms are fairly posh, and the restaurants have yummy food for a reasonable price.  It’s also oh-so-close to Kentucky Speedway- so NASCAR fans- book ahead!

The atrium of the Belterra Hotel and Casino. We had a fun getaway here without our kids. I'd recommend this as a quick road trip from Louisville, Indianapolis, or Cincinnati.Have you been to Belterra Resort in Indiana? Maybe you’ve been to Las Vegas? Maybe you’ve eaten a maple bacon donut and decided that you don’t want to eat anything else ever again? Speak at me!


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The Belterra Hotel and Casino is located in Florence, Indiana on the banks of the Ohio River. A convenient getaway from Cincinnati, Louisville, and Indianapolis. Here's a review of what it's like to stay on-site- this is a fun place to visit even if you don't gamble!

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