August – life updates

Hard to believe it’s nearly August!? ?In my attempt to share more personal updates, here’s a look back at our July and a look forward to August.

July in review

July was the first month in a long time that we spent every single night in our own beds!? Can you believe it?!? We had zero out-of-state travels and while that was helpful for mom, it was mostly because of the kids’ activities.? Jackson did tennis camp nearly EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY in July and while he adored it, I sure got sick of all the drop-off and pick-up (#firstworldproblems).? Olen did Ju Jitsu?two days a week, too.

In my April update, I alluded to the fact that I’d be acting as a taxi. I said this a few times when the kids were around and so the first day of camp, Jackson’s eating his breakfast and he says:

“So when will my ride be here?”

Me: “Wait, what do you mean?”

Jackson: “Isn’t a taxi coming to pick me up?”

Me: “Nooooo.”

Jackson: “But mom, you said something about a taxi and taking me to camp.”


Further proof that none of the men in this house listen to me- Olen comes down the stairs.

“Hey mom, when the car comes here to pick up Jackson can you stay here with us?”

Me: “What!!??? There is no one coming to pick up Jackson!”

Olen: “But I thought some taxi or something was coming.”

Forget Yoder TOTER Blog, I’m changing the name to Yoder TAXI Blog.

Maybe the best thing about having children is how literally they take things.? I said I needed to get my?”ducks in? a row” the other day and the kids’ minds were BLOWN.? As far as they know, I don’t own any ducks!

Other important events in July

Mr. Yoder Toter and I? celebrated 14 years of marriage.

Jackson played in his first tennis tournament.

We saw a giant rubber duck at the Festival of Sail in Sandusky, visited the Big Bugs exhibit at Kingwood Center, hiked at Malabar Farm, and snjoyed really cool public art in downtown Canton, Ohio.


Yoder Academy is back in session

August is going to be a busy month for us as we’re starting our school year on August 6th.? You can read more about homeschooling here and here.?I’m also working on a new post about why we decided to homeschool.

Why are we starting so early?? We believe in a flexible schedule that is good for both mom and kids.? i.e. We’ll push through on days when traditional schooling takes off (i.e. no 2 weeks at Christmas, no in-service or snow days), but then take days off when field trips or travel opportunities arise.


I have big plans for the blog as I work through 10 or more posts that need to be written!

In August, I will also be traveling to Richmond, Indiana to speak at the Midwest Byway Conference.? I’m excited to share with those spearheading the National Byways what I know about “marketing on a shoestring” – seems appropriate since I try to do most things on a shoestring. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And, I have a new little baby, the MOM Adventure Club.? These are basically days out for either mom + kids or just moms (working on the alone time ones, ladies).? Check my blog Facebook for our upcoming events!? I hope you make it!


That’s a quick life update! What’s your August look like?

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