4 FREE things to do around Hobart

Once you’ve just invested in an airline ticket to cross the Pacific, or maybe just one across the Bass Strait, you’re probably looking for some free things to do around Hobart.  While getting to Tasmania can be quite the journey, there are many affordable things to do once you arrive!

Here are 4 free things to do around Hobart.  And a bonus, all of them are family-friendly.

#1 Cascade Brewery 

The restaurant and gardens at Cascade Brewery are absolutely free to enter.  Now, obviously you can purchase a flight of beer or a tour of the Brewery itself, but it’s free to enjoy the backdrop of the brewery against Mt. Wellington and have a walk through the landscaped gardens.  The gardens are also a great place to let the little ones run off some energy.

Free things to do around Hobart
View of the restaurant from the gardens

Free things to do around Hobart

#2 Mt. Wellington/kunanyi

A drive up Mt. Wellington is not for those who are afraid of rolling off the side of the mountain and plunging to their death #FYIthatsme.  However, once you ascend the steep roadway, the view is worth the turmoil, and adults AND kids will enjoy the view from the (safe and secure) boardwalks.

While Mt. Wellington looms over Hobart and seems so close to the downtown, the drive from Hobart takes 30+ minutes through all of the hairpin turns and elevation changes.  Entrance is free.  Sanity lost whilst watching your husband and dad take your boys to climb to the Pinnacle is also free of charge. 😉

Free things to do around Hobart Mt Wellington- Free things to do around Hobart Mt Wellington- Free things to do around Hobart Free things to do around Hobart

#3 Richmond

Approximately 30 minutes outside of Hobart, Richmond is like stepping back in Tasmanian time.  The oldest bridge in Australia is here, as well as the oldest Australian Catholic church.  While walking around the quaint shops and strolling (or strollering, as we do) through the small town is free, spend a couple of bucks and get a treat at The Bakery Richmond.  Eclairs, and scones and meat pies – OH MY!  We tried all of their breakfast goodies and then bought an assortment of meat pies to take home for dinner (now there’s way to save some cash!)

The drive from Hobart to Richmond is only about 45 minutes.  It may have taken longer because we needed to stop for some cows crossing the road.

Free excursions from Hobart- Richmond Free excursions from Hobart- Richmond hobart exc 11 Richmond Bridge- Free excursions from Hobart

#4 Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

On the banks of the Derwent River just steps from Hobart, the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden is a 13+ hectare delight.  We packed a picnic lunch and drove to the Gardens, which provided a few free hours of entertainment.  The views of the Derwent River along with the manicured gardens pleased both young and old.  My favorite things were all the local Australian flora (I was already getting homesick and we hadn’t even left the country!) and this urn made of wood blocks (can you believe it?).  The kids liked feeding the seagulls their leftover lunch.  Everybody left happy!

Tasmanian Botanical Gardens- Free excursions Hobart Tasmanian Botanical Gardens- Free excursions from Hobart hobart exc 14

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Have you been to Hobart?  Any free things to do in Hobart that I may have missed?

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Free things to do around Hobart, Tasmania.  Family-free and affordable daytrips near Hobart, Tasmania.

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