Best of the Web – February 13

Hi everyone, time for some weekend reading!  Don’t forget- I’m hosting a giveaway for a $25 Amazon giftcard.  Click HERE.

Usually I only post my favorite links from the past week, but since we were away for 3+ weeks, you’ll get a few older ones.

Most popular Instagram photo of the week. My big 6-yr-old at the top of Mt. Wellington, Hobart.


The Rare Case When a Woman Gives Birth In Flight – Am I the only one who has thought about this?  Interesting read!

Family-Friendly Places to Stay in London–  London is expensive, here are some options for every budget.

Saving Money

15 Things to Buy at Trader Joe’s– I don’t shop at Trader Joe’s often (it’s 30 minutes away).  However, when I do go, I’ve never had much of a strategy.  This is a good post to help you buy only the best products.

The Challenge of Getting Rid of Stuff– I love this so much.  Spending time in Australia made Brian and I realize that Australians live with way less STUFF.  There are no basements or attics, so it’s difficult to hoard.  We got rid of about 8 small boxes of things right after Christmas.  I’ve already started another box. Clutter sucks.  “Remember, an ideal life is one where you get a lot of fulfillment out of how you spend your time and that you have possessions that support that fulfillment. Possessions that don’t support that fulfillment are unnecessary. They just soak up your money and your financial freedom. They fill up space and make you live in a larger home than necessary. They require you to spend more time doing maintenance – dusting, moving things around, and so forth.”  Amen


Any favorite links??  Go to the giveaway!

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