Best of the Web- August 29

Hi friends-

My web content is sparse.  Hoping to change that soon, now that house projects are done, painting supplies are being put away, and life shall return to a relative state of normal (if normal even resides with three little kids, one whom I start homeschooling this week)!


Here are my favorite links from this week:


I may have to hang this one on the fridge:  When people let you down

#5 is something I’ve been realizing more and more:  Here’s what I learned during a year of worldwide travel


I’d never heard of these, but I’m interested in signing up for a few.  If the author can save $1600, it’s worth a try, right? :  My 6 Favorite Financial Companies this Year


American Marvel: First thoughts on reentry – This is a little painful to read only because she is spot-on on so many things.  I will never forget when two of my friends came over from Australia for our wedding.  They took a  picture holding a 32-ounce Coke and a piece of Sbarro pizza!  Until then I’d never thought of the SIZE of our lives- to the demise of our health.

Must. go.  The Isle of Skye: Still my favorite part of Scotland

25 Children’s Books from Around the World:  Because I love books and this is one way to create tiny travelers.


That’s all for this week- have a super weekend!


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