Best of the Web- Aug 22

I’m back in my house after 5 nights away- Vacation?  No. Parents.  But alas, the hardwood floors are finished (or refinished) and there will be no more house projects for my sanity awhile.  The contents of our living and dining room are currently in the kitchen and on the front porch.  We keep it classy around here! 😉

Enough of me, here are some of my favorite links from this week:




This is so beautiful. “As I was clearing out the accumulated detritus of my physical life, God was effecting a similar housecleaning project within.”  The table of God’s love


Should you buy a home or invest?  Great read from Get Rich Slowly that reminded me of this post of mine.


A Star Wars edition to Disney?  I see a multi-generational trip in the future!

I adore this map wall art-  Creating a travel themed nursery

$39 flights from Southwest!  Score!

I’ve got my next Canadian adventure planned thanks to Travel with Bender-   Quebec City in Summer with


Have an awesome weekend!


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