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Favorite web links – July 10, 2016

I took a break from posting my favorite links from the week- but I’m baaccckkk.

The weekend is almost over, but there’s still some time to enjoy- so read up!


Does this purchase make my life better via KeatsConnelly



Why I’m saying No to Travel Sports for my Seven-Year-Old via Simple Dollar

Real Mom Confessions via Lisa-Jo Baker

Whatever you practice at, you will improve at via Money Saving Mom



7 Must See Nautical Tours in the US via Surf and Sunshine

25 Photos that will make you want to visit Dublin, Ireland via Traveling Canucks – Maybe 2017?!


In Case You Missed It:

My review of Belterra Hotel and Casino in Florence, Indiana


Have a great Sunday!


Best of the Web – Feb 20

Hi everyone!  Did everyone had a good week?  We’re finally back on Ohio time , sleeping-in is over (but not over-rated, ha).   We had a nice blanket of wet snow on Wednesday morning, so we enjoyed some snow time- especially our own Princess Yea-ya.


Here are my favorite links from this week


Book a Fall Trip- Southwest Schedule Now Open – If you’re hoping to fly over Labor Day or the Columbus Day holiday, it may not be a bad time to secure a flight.

How much does it cost to RV? – For those interested in long term travel.


What are Dave Ramsey’s baby steps and do they work?  – Well of course they work!  Dave Ramsey has changed our life!  You can read more here, here, and here.


How to find inspiration when you’re uninspired – Helpful

Love is a verb. – I nodded my head through this entire post.  I’ve lived this the past two years.  MUST, must read if you’re in the knee deep of trying to have a marriage while raising babies.

Best of the Web- October 3

Hi everyone and thank for stopping by!  It FEELS like October around here, as I’m sitting next to the space heater and considering adding more layers!  I’ve got fingers crossed that all of the rain we are getting won’t change the beautiful fall foliage that the weatherman has promised.

bestofweb oct3

Here are my favorite links from this week:


Reaching Your Child in a World of Distraction  I never want to make moms feel guilty, but it is difficult sometimes to walk away from the busy-ness of the day and really engage with the kids.  Hands Free Mama handles this issue so well.


Guide to Consignment Shops  I love these tips from the Simple Dollar!  In the past month I’ve used a consignment shop to sell baby items, as well as a local selling wall.  There are so many great ways to sell things these days, not only does it help us to stash away some cash, but it also helps with the “one item in, one item out” rule we’ve made for housewares, toys, and books!

I’m Fine…Could be better. What should I do?  via Afford Anything.  For those who feel like we’re living the average life but want/can do more.


Because I love budgeting (oh, and wine). 🙂  Wine Tasting Destinations for Every Budget via Drink Tea & Travel

Just back:  Queenstown, NZ


Enjoy your weekend.