Best of the Web- Columbus Day edition

This weekend was crazy busy but wonderful!  In the barrage of family time, food, and GARTH BROOKS, I didn’t have time to share my favorite links!  So alas, here they are, just two days late.  Some of you have the day off, so you’ll have the time to read!



There are so many ways to die via Lisa-Jo Baker

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“Sending the message to women entrepreneurs that we must leave our emotions at home is an outdated concept that needs revision… Often, men are praised by the same women who berate other women for being vulnerable enough to show emotion. If there is going to be a hard-and-fast rule, it must be applicable to everyone. We all have tear ducts.”   I cried on ‘Shark Tank’ last week, and I’m not sorry about it via Inc.  I watched the episode and while I thought Miss Bey’s pitch was weak, it had nothing to do with her tears.  



Saving ALL THE MONEY- personal upkeep via Our Nest in the City

My state made the list!  **sigh**  The 9 Best State 529 College Savings Plans via Wise Bread



A round-up of fall activities based on your locale.  Fun Fall Activities across the US, Canada, and the UK via Kids are a Trip

6 Ways to Spend a Day in Oxford via Finding the Universe.  I’ve done 3/6 of these, and the photojournalism alone on this blog is enough to make your mouth water for a day in Oxford!


Have a great Monday and a great week!

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