Best of the Web- August 8

I don’t even know what happened to this week.  It is over.  It was a whirlwind.  As my husband likes to say, “Might as well write this month off!” Haha. Time is flying!

Here are my favorite links from this week. There is so much heaviness in the news, so I’m keeping it fun and light!



Walking the World with Paul Salopek–  So many thoughts to linger on, but I especially loved this one, “Breaking bread is the universal bonding mechanism of humanity. At a table, over food, one has no enemies. At least not for the duration of that meal. Wars taught me this.”

17 Surprising Things about Parenting in Spain–  I love when Cup of Jo runs this series on parenting around the world.  Fascinating!

Top 15 Things to do in Perth– Even if you don’t plan to head to Western Australia, check out some of these photos (maybe worth staying on the plane for?!)

I was featured over at Suitcases and Sippycups this past week talking about our Family Walking Tour of Ottawa.



I could probably do this for one year, but eight?  Why I’ve Chosen to Buy Nothing New for 8 Years

How Tithing Helped Us Be More Financially Responsible– Whatever your view on the tithe, the point here is being intentional and setting money aside for things BEFORE anything/anyone else is paid.


Any favorites?  Thoughts?  

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