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Hi everyone,

Almost August?  I’m not sure what to make of it!  The boys made a Bucket List for Summer that was 2 items long:

1. Go to the outdoor YMCA pool

2. Go to a hotel and swim in their pool.

Haha!  We’re crossing 1 of 2 off today so I have 4 weeks to make the next one happen.

Here are my favorite links from this week:

Lake Erie looked so inviting last weekend when we picnicked with our friends the seagulls.



Will someone come decorate my house with all of these ideas?  16 Map and Globe Decor Ideas

We aren’t selling our house anytime soon, but Carmel’s tips will be pinned for future use.  I would have bought her house, but requested she let me keep all of her furniture and decor!   Tips for selling a house


I am so guilty. A must read for SAHMs.

I don’t know how you do this every day.”

The second the words left his lips, I swear I heard angels singing in the background. Sunbeams shone through the windows as I promptly kissed him on the mouth.  

“That is the best thing you could ever say to me,” I replied sympathetically with a smile.  

I became addicted to the validation, the affirmation that caring for two tiny kids wasn’t only hard for me, it was hard for him too. “I don’t know how you do this every day”—I wanted that phrase tattooed on his forehead, spray painted on our garage door, printed on a canvas in all caps and hung over our bed for me to read every night before I went to sleep. He could say those words three times a day and I would never get tired of hearing them.  


This was convicting:  The Truth About Complaining


We need to do a few of these, anyone want to babysit?  🙂  12 Money Adjustments You Should Make Mid-Year


How to Camp and Enjoy it–  I’m uncertain as to whether I would enjoy camping with kids- this list makes me think I may.

I really want to go to Quebec.  This guide made it worse.

How to Survive a Museum Visit with Kids– love these tips!


That’s all, folks!  Have a great weekend!



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