Best of the Web- July 18

Hi everyone!

So it’s been another busy week around here.

11 years

Thursday was our 11th anniversary!  Whew, we made it another year. Ha!  Don’t believe what this blogger says, marriage is hard work (Maybe she didn’t have kids, or maybe the kids fried her brain?).  It takes 100% commitment from each party, each day, to have success.  Is it rewarding and fun work?  Absolutely!  Have I ever wanted to throw in the towel?  Absolutely.  But the marriage will bind us still… why I love this quote from Dietrich Bonhoffer:



Now on to my favorite links from the week.


Kristen always makes me think:  Maybe we are just spoiled

This post from Christy Wright had me reconsider how we give of our resources, “But Jesus didn’t follow the need. He followed His assignment. Jesus was not focused on what others were asking of Him. He was focused on what God was asking of Him.”


Hi, my name is Leah Yoder and I want to be a free-range parent.  There, I said it.  I think every single mom in the 1980s was a free-range parent.  I know because I thought my mom was the meanest most over-protective mom (thank you, Mom!) and the reality was SHE WAS NOT AT ALL.  Parents these days think we need to be up in our kids’ faces every single moment.  Guys, I know a family that does not let their children play outside barefoot- because they MIGHT get stung on the foot  As far as I know, they aren’t allergic).  I think this is a travesty!  Being barefoot is a basic right of childhood (and being a redneck, too, I guess)…. LET YOUR CHILDREN TAKE THEIR SHOES OFF. I BEG.  Oh, and here’s the blog I like (with other things you should let your kids do): Nature Valley’s Get Outside Ad


Why ‘Don’t Worry about Money, Just Travel’ is the Worst Advice of all Time– ** some language ** I agree with about 75% of this article… I think the author is particularly angry that her friend is better off than she, but she does have some valid points.  Everytime I log onto Pinterest and see this quote “Don’t worry about money…” I ultimately want to scream because sure, don’t worry about money, but then mooch off of your parents the next 6 years and cause them to work longer to support your wanderlusting butt?  Ijustdon’tknow.  (End rant).


What do you think?  Should young people forget about money to travel?  Should parents let their kids play outside by themselves?  Maybe you don’t let your kids go barefoot and now you hate my guts?  Maybe you have been married over 11 years and you don’t think it is hard work?  Lots of tough subjects this week!  

Have a great weekend! xo

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