If you live in Central Ohio, you need to visit here…

Our family loves The Dawes Arboretum.  Located just outside of Newark, Ohio and easily accessible to I-70, it’s an easy drive from Columbus or Zanesville.

Dawes header


Our first experience at Dawes was as a couple when we went on one of their night hikes.

After Jackson was born, I would take him for walks in the stroller and sometimes meet up with a girlfriend for a long chat during our stroll.

Now that our family has grown and our kids are older (you know, only the 2 youngest are in diapers- haha), we frequently attend their “Storybook Science” class held for preschoolers during the school year.

Our boys absolutely love it there, and I enjoy the scenery almost as much as I enjoy watching their youthful adventures  of running races on the paths and looking for critters.  To me, boys (and girls) thrive when they get out in nature, burn off some energy, and learn a new thing or two.  I’m always learning something, too!

Today our teacher, Miss Nancy, told us that the cypress swamp should be full of salamanders, so after our class about habitats, we headed out to the swamp.  We didn’t find any, but I think these photos are worth more than the discovery of a salamander.

The boardwalk is nicely maintained.































DSC_0746 (2)
He was actually reaching for a stick, not a salamander! 





























Why should you visit?

– Admission to Dawes is always FREE.

– Great walking/hiking paths, both paved and unpaved.

– Manicured backdrops for family photos

– Educational programs for adults, children, scouts and homeschoolers, some are free

– Spring blooms and LOTS of fall color


The Cypress Swamp is really just the tip of the iceberg.  They are currently renovating my favorite space, the Japanese Garden.  Check out the website HERE for more Visitor Info.


P.S. I don’t have a working relationship with Dawes, I just really love the place and I’m passing on that love to you. 🙂

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